Ad Formats
Loboclick constantly updates its ad formats inventory while following the new trends in digital advertising. We offer several high converting advertising units that comply with the latest BetterAds policy and act as a perfect AdSense alternative.
  • POPS
Native ads
Take advantage of our Native Ads builder that helps to place ads on the website that completely blend with its design. This format is very effective for building audience engagement for advertisers and publishers.
Why should you try Native Ads at HilltopAds?
  • Generate high revenue with ads that blend into the website
  • Easy to set up with the help of Personal Manager
  • Native Ads click rates are 8 times higher than regular banner
  • Uses a mix of images and text
  • Responsive designs for all devices (mobile, desktop, tablet)
Video ads
Popular among video platforms, engaging and relevant pre-rolls and in-video ads can blend into the video content for easy monetisation.
Videos and games are the main online entertainment niches so take advantage of these platforms on desktop and mobile devices to advertise your products or monetize your video content.
Choose between pre-roll and in-video ads to create high converting campaigns and earn profit.
Push notifications
New but already successful digital ad format is added to our inventory. Push notification provide high conversion by being displayed as alerts.
Despite being a brand new ad format it has a lot of benefits that could amp up your ad campaign in no time:
  • Real traffic with user's consent to receive push notifications.
  • Native to website content and users interest.
  • Ads delivered instantly to any device and can be modified.
  • Highest CTR because push notifications displayed when user is not browsing apps or website.
Choose your pop advertising format for best monetization of big traffic volumes sites.
Popunder & Popup
CPM based, this ad format is the most popular among affiliates because of the higher payouts than traditional display ads. Popunder or site-under landing page appear hidden behind the main browsing window and is shown after the browser window is closed or minimized. Popup ads are served primarily on mobile devices whereas popunders are for desktop.
Direct links
Direct links is one of the most flexible ad format as it can be used anywhere on the website. When code is provided, it fits best into the website's content and used with Call to Action buttons, 404 pages and text links.
Advertisers who are looking for high volume of cheap traffic use direct links to boost their sites' traffic. For publishers, this format is beneficial to be used as a blind link as it is CPC based.
By using your own creative methods or redirects, you make yourself available for websites of brands and advertisers that are willing to pay premium prices.
Display banners
Pick from top converting banner sizes for desktop and mobile devices. Loboclick supports iFrame for HTML banners as well.
  • 160x160 px
  • 300x250 px
  • 728x90 px
  • 300x50 px
  • 300x250 px
  • 300x100 px
You are in good company
Loboclick is already in use a diverse range if companies.